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The Outliers Inn

The Outliers Inn is a place where people from all businesses and roles within business can examine goings-ons from different and hopefully humourous perspectives. It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it.

Whether you are in finance, sales, logistics, production. operations, human resources. facilities management. information technology – whatever your role might be – business people are always taking themselves too seriously – or are taken too seriously by others. All that ends here.

It’s a place where respectful irrevernce and self-deprecating humor is the order of the day.
We release a new podcast at least once a month though when during the month that is varies based on everyone’s schedule. Please consider subscribing to the podcast so as not to miss an episode.

Jun 17, 2020

Recorded: June 3, 2020

About the podcast

Topic: Antlerboy and JP welcome the first-ever, all male and exclusively British guest roster. It's a veritible sausage fest, except its more like Bangers. Come give a listen as we mash it up (see what I did there?).

The episode starts with Antlerboy not being his usual...

May 19, 2020

Topic: Antlerboy and JP celebrate the 50th episode of The Outliers Inn.  The theme of today’s show is “coming out of COVID-19” and we will be talking about our plans for re-entering society after government-imposed lockdowns.  JP, being blessed with abundant hair even with his years, shares that his first thing...

Apr 22, 2020

Topic: With everyone in the world being locked-down, bored  rigid with nothing much better to do and in desperate need of speaking with someone other than their significant other or dog, it’s a full-house at The Outliers Inn with guests who hail from the States, the UK, Germany, and Iceland being represented.  The...

Mar 24, 2020

Topic: The episode starts off rather professional (read dry) with Antlerboy sharing some rather serious endeavors he is launching.  He introduces two new podcasts; “Joy in Work; The public service transformation” and “Transduction; the systems complexity and cybernetics” – neither of which pose any competition...

Feb 25, 2020

Topic:  In this episode of The Outliers Inn, we talk about the risks involved in falling iguana’s, long-flights and sore bums, speculating on government numbers, eating bats, and preparing for retirement (or semi-retirement).

Antlerboy and JP start-off by sharing their experiences on recent travels with Antlerboy...